Caribbean Hospitals: An American Perspective

I didn’t intend to write another island-themed post after last week, and normally this kind of topic doesn’t fall within the Grad Girl realm of solving postgrad problems… but health issues are postgrad problems, right? Read on anyway. You’ll enjoy it.

I kicked off Grenadian Thanksgiving weekend with my usual Saturday workout, followed by epic face-stuffing to observe the holiday. When I woke up the following Sunday, though, my abdominals were crying out in pain. Just the food and the workout, right?, I thought. I carried on with my normal routine, assuming the tightness in my stomach would subside.

An hour passed. Then two. And nothing changed. In fact, I felt worse—like, laying-down-in-a-fetal-position worse. My husband, the medical student, squished my stomach here and there to examine me, and hypothesized that I could have a gallbladder problem based on where the pain hurt most. He haphazardly put a diaper bag together for our one-year-old while I attempted to put on shorts and stifle nausea, and we drove to the hospital downtown.

When you're used to American medical care, Caribbean hospitals look a little (or a lot) different. Read about my hospital visit here. [Read more…]

3 Times When You Should Just Give Up

Sometimes the internet is a little too motivational.

I can find inspirational quotes, heartwarming viral stories, and articles that improve my well-being in a span of seconds (with time to spare for finding cat GIFs). Just about everyone in the web world thinks you should never give up and work really hard until you get the right outcome.

But you should give up once in a while.

Because sometimes we try to finish projects, pursue relationships, or make commitments for the wrong reasons:

1. We want to be right.

Seems easier to force-finish a project than sacrifice the tiniest morsel of pride.

2. We want equal rewards for equal work.

It’s called the “sunk cost fallacy” in the business world. The problem is that the rewards may not be guaranteed, and the work has already been performed—so we’ll keep waiting (and working) until we see the payoff, even if it never comes.

3. We can’t deal with loss.

In fact, we would rather produce a bad outcome than nothing at all (even if it means saving time, effort, money, or emotional distress).

Your “never give up” attitude isn’t as inspirational as you think—it’s inefficient. It burns you out. It keeps you from working on ideas that set your passion ablaze. And while you should still follow through on most endeavors in your life, you should just give up in these three situations:

People say you should never give up--they're wrong. Here are three times when you should call it quits. [Read more…]

Millennial Spotlight: Rashell Geisler

My friend Rashell knows the art of side hustling.

After we both graduated from Gonzaga University, she started working in patient relations at a clinic in Oregon. Eight months ago, she also started earning a side income as a fitness coach to reach her personal and financial goals. In my eyes, she’s one of the nicest people on the internet and has a killer social media game, so I had to learn more about how she gets it all done. She was kind enough to share how she side hustles and how you can do it too!

Learn how my friend Rashell Geisler became a fitness coach, and how you can use it to make a tasty side income.

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